Races in Saren

The society of Saren revolves more around what you do, not what you are, so racism is mostly unheard of.

The most common race in Saren. The status quo revolves around them, but they do not merit any bias for or against.

Have likely been in the land known as Saren for as long as man, but are content to live in the chasms, leaving the surface to whomever wants it. The average person has little dealing with dwarves.

You will not find the stereotypical elven settlement in Saren. However, despite the lack of forests, elves are likely the second most common race. Dotted throughout the country, you will find enclaves populated by elves, the occasional human, and half elven offspring. A large population of elves can also be found in metropolitan areas, freely mixing with other races.

Gnomes natural proclivity for experimentation and magic allows the gnomes to do rather well in the Magocracy. Gnomes generally take care of their own, so many gnomes in positions of power tend to look out for the lower castes, making them almost universally liked.

The halflings mostly stick to rural areas. They are insular and avoid contact with everyone else as much as possible. Halfling in the cities usually form small ghettos where larger races are unwelcome.

Half Elves
Half elves are fairly common in Saren, due to the proximity of elves and humans, and the similar outlook both races have towards magic. Half elves are found anywhere their parent races can be found.

Half-orcs are relatively rare in Saren. Neighboring Altun-Ha and Blightmoor are generally more to their taste. Most half-orcs that reside in Saren are members of the Warrior Caste.

The plane touched races are slightly more common in Saren than anywhere else on the continent, due to how often other planes are contacted here. Of the planetouched, tieflings are the most common, followed by an equal mix of the elemental and genie kin, with aasimars being the rarest.

Saren has a native population of fetchlings, who mostly live in settlements in the deeps. Those who mix with the rest of society tend to stick to shadows and backrooms, dealing in secrets. Due to this, most of them are stereotyped as dishonest.

Ocasionally born in settlements along the blightmoor border. For the common folk, their connection with the blightmoor hags makes them hard to trust.

A large population of tengu can be found in Bakrat, but are otherwise rare in the rest of the country.

Fairly rare outside of their home island of Ilstrad, few have reason to come as far north as Saren. A few mokole ambassadors have made headway in getting an embassy in lentil, but the common belief is that the wizards are only allowing this in hopes of gleaning some of the god tyrants secrets from the dragon folk. other than that, isolated groups can sometimes be found along the southern region of the country.

Drow, Duergar, Svirfneblin
openly antagonistic to settlements in the chasms, these races are never seen above the surface. However, sometimes rumors arise about a all the inhabitants of a village dying or disappearing…

Ensouled Sidhe
Regarded as pests.

Races in Saren

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