Corisandi Gods

The Progenitor
Nothing is known of this mysterious god, or even if it is anything more than a formless void from which sprang the rest of the pantheon.

The Triad of Creation
The eldest of the gods to first come forth from the progenitor

Elaasanx, The Brilliant Creator
God of creation, destruction, natural disasters, beginnings and ends, renewal, and accidental lord of gnomes
A temperamental god, Elaasanx is never satisfied with his work, continually destroying his creations to begin again. The world only still stands at the behest of his sisters, Rokaish and Miodi, for whom it was made as a gift. After he finished its making, he noticed that one small part of it continued making and being made, and these were the first gnomes. Considering them an imperfection on his perfect world, but having promised his sisters to leave it be, he then retreated to the everchanging maelstrom, to continue his great works. Dragons also consider him the first of their kind

Miodi, The Explorer
Goddess of elvenkind, knowledge, exploration, the horizon, metamorphosis and magic.
Youngest sister of Elaasanx, Miodi is the explorer, who wishes to find the edge of the multiverse. When gifted the world by her brother, she looked upon it, and upon spying the untapped potential of the wilds, immediately began shaping them into something different. Eventually growing bored of her self appointed task, and wishing to go back to to her travels, she created elvenkind, and gifted them with magic to affect new change, before taking off for the edges of creation.

Rokaish, The Builder
Goddess of Man, Stability, and Civilization
Sister of Elaasanx and Miodi, and quite opposite to both . When her sister began reshaping the world almost as soon as they received it, Rokaish created man and charged them with civilization, to bring stability to the ever changing wilds her sister insisted upon. Giving man the secrets of architecture and tools to build, she then left to follow her sister, in the belief Miodi would do something else she must fix. She expects her church to maintain stability, but also to work with worshippers of Miodi and Elaasanx, for in her soft spot for her siblings, she sees how their work can be used to maintain stasis.

The Triad of War
The next three gods to come forth, as they entered existence they paused fighting long enough to witness the departure of the first triad. Noting the acts of creation they had wrought, this triad called for the first of two truces they would ever hold, in order to create rand armies. The second would be held soon after, once they decided to expand their battlefield to the great beyond, and in their one act of cooperation, created the horsemen of war, in order to spur on their creations to never rest, and always fight.

Goruum, First of War
God of war, Lord of Giants
The first of war cares for nothing but the rush of battle, and capable of building only in the name of a larger battle. At the calling of the first truce, he created giants, and ordered them to continue his battle. He has been known to switch his support from one side to another in battle, in order to keep the fight going. At the second truce, his only contribution to the horsemen was Szuriel, Horseman of war, thinking all one needed to shephard war would be one who would always wage it.

Shax, The butcher
God of war, genocide, madness, and slaughter, Lord of Orcs
Where his brother cares only for the fight, Shax cares only for the kill. But not anything quick and clean, like the stroke of a blade, but instead fire, poison, disease being his tools of choice. At the first truce, he first brought into being the Orcs, with the intention of them bringing his cruelest dreams to fruition. Craftier than his siblings, while one reforged humanity and the other bumbled about making giants, he introduced a spiritual poison among the elves, dwarves, and gnomes, which would eventually become the drow, duerger, and svirfneblin, At the second great truce, He created the dual Horsemen of famine and pestilence, as they would cause the greatest suffering, and drive others to dark deeds in order to fulfill their own need of survival.

Sarenrae, Marshal of the legion
Goddess of armies, generals, comraderie, and righteous war
When the first great truce was called, Sarenrae chose not to create her own servitor race, but instead co opted humanity, believing the order they were made to uphold could be forged into a bastion against her brothers rapacious hordes. This legion of warriors would soon become the first celestials. Over the years, she has grown beyond her brothers thirst for war, and has taken on the mantle of protecting the works of the Triad of creation. During the second great truce, Looking upon the creations of her brothers, She created the horsemen of death, in order to give their victims a swifter, cleaner death than they would otherwise receive in war.

The maintainers
The brother and sister known as the maintainers are, as they see it, responsible for the maintenance of creation. The two operate of dual deities of birth and life, shepherds of body and soul.

Naagloshii, Lady of empty graves
Goddess of death, undeath, birth, aging, and decay
Upon exiting the void, Naagloshii looked upon each of her predecessors works, and was the first to grasp a simple truth, they were consuming creation as fast as it sprang forth from the progenitor. The works of creation, in their inefficiency, and works of destruction, in their waste. So, Naagloshii took upon herself the mantle of preserving creation, by taking that which is dead and repurposing it towards new life.

Asayip, Lord of sustainance
God of growth, the harvest, dawn and twilight, Lord of the dwarves, keeper of tradition
Asayips earliest memory was witnessing the struggle of his sister, keeping creation from consuming itself in the endless works of the gods. In order to alleviate her struggle, he took on part of her burden unto himself, leaving the beginning and end of living things to Naagloshii, and taking upon himself the parts in between. In honor of his sister’s work, He created stolid, unchanging dwarvenkind to trackthe birth and death of all beings, hiding under the surface, away from the chaos.

The Umbral Lords

Abraxus, Master of the final incantion
God of secrets, forbidden lore, and magic, lord of demons
Exiting the void, Abraxus was initially formless. Floating for an indefinite time, until the explorer happened upon this unformed godstuff. Curious, she worked magic upon it, to see what it could become, and saw the end of all magic, and a dark sentience. Following her spell back to the present, the godling who would become abraxus took control of his form, and immediately left for the dark tapestry, to find the secrets that it will know in the end, creating demonkind to aid in its search. In the meantime, it acts a dark mirror to miodi, occluding secrets from those it deems unworthy.

Athreos, The Shadowman
Lord of shadows, transitions, hidden agendas, and mystery, Lord of thieves.
Little is know of the mysterious shadowman, save that he seems to have some grand design he is constantly working towards. Its actions since the beginning include such things as the creation of the shadow planes, the introduction of intelligence to some of Naagloshii’s undead, the creation of devils in direct contradiction to Abraxus’s devils, and patronage of thieves, tweaking the nose of Rokaish. No other god completely trusts him (or her) but are unwilling to move against Athreos on the off chance its next action benefits them. The cult of the Shadowman doesnt exactly follow tenets set forth by athreos, so much as try to understand his goals, all while believing their existence is part of his plan.

Corisandi Gods

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