Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

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Diary of Francis Sylvanti 19th
Aleric made good choices putting this crew together. Capable enough to do manage the task ahead of them, and amoral enough to actually do them. We first got them together for an excursion into one of Karzaks’ old laboratories. Frankly,at the time they were chosen based on expendability and how tight the leash was. We could spare their loss, and if they crossed us…well, they were smart enough not to. They returned with what little they could, its not like the old tyrant was stupid enough to leave anything good lying around. We did get an inkling into Karzak’s goals and methods, most notable was his success in putting a consciousness into an ooze. The story of the worm that walks, was disturbing, but ive seen scarier things brought into existence by our own necromancers. Speaking of necromancers, our own local flavor seems to be losing its grip. Attacks on our citizens in the rifts by zombies (unconfirmed, but…really) is on the rise. Either they are losing control on their creations (unforgivable), or they are wasting lives that could be put to better use. We have recently found an undead expert we can use. He’s a worshipper of norgerber, in a city where the gods were declared dead to us years ago. He is both unaffiliated with the School of necromancy, and if he were to refuse our offer, we will wipe out another church. There rally is not a loss for us here. Leverage is a beautiful thing.
Diary of Francis Sylvanti 27th
Those damned fools. Magelord (used loosely here) Bien lost control. On the basis of folk tales told by the ungifted, he went into the crypt of Arcanomach Yorick, and attempted to bind his spirit. Finding the crypt was a remarkable feat, it had been hidden from us for quite some time. One of the last remaining tombs of our old enemies. That being said, that wold be the only point in this narrative he didn’t absolutely screw up. He lost control, and the arcanomach immediately resumed his crusade, razing a large swathe of Saren. Fortunately, Our little crew of troubleshooters happened to be near the area. They fought through a veritable horde of zombies and skeletons. Eventually forcing their way into the courtyard Yorick had chosen for his headquarters. Apparently, the legends of Arcanomach Yorick were quite accurate, at least the part of him being fond of dueling. When the group arrived, He decided to challenge the big half orc (note: learn his name) From all reports, The Barbarian bested him in one on one combat (also evidenced by his survival). Being dead for three centuries musty have dulled his combat ability, but it was still close, from eyewitness accounts. From there it was a simple clean up job. This is the straw that shall break the camels back, I can no longer abide those fools in the necromancy school. First we must dispose of the moron responsible for this debacle. After that, we will extirpate the morons who allowed this to happen. The sin was not in their intent, but in their mistakes along the way.
Journal of Francis Sylvanti 10th
The Arch council has signed off on the removal of Magelord Bien. So, I have tasked our troubleshooters with doing so. Of course, I only really expect a good sounding out of his defenses, but if they actually can manage it, all the better. Overall, it was not quite as discrete as I would have preferred, but there is only so much one can expect given the circumstances.

So, I met with them, face to face, finally, to hopefully impress upon them the seriousness of this task. They immediately started off by trying to pilfer my things, and when called upon their behavior, proceeded to argue with me. Argue with me! I decided to take a light hand for this first offense, and rendered them silent and immobile. Fortunately the summoner luthion, and necromancer Loktar were reasonable, and the rest of the meeting went along quite smoothly.
They started off with a simple scouting mission. Most of his defenses were obvious, walls, guards, the like. The surprising part was the fact he kept bullettes on the grounds. Knowing his proclivities, probably some sort of zombified form, but I do not rightly know, as Zalzis decided to just grab some servant and get out without having to deal with them.
Returning to the safehouse, Zalzis and Molokai proceeded to interrogate their guest. After learning of the possibility of an escape tunnel, they decided they would search the sewers for that, instead of dealing with guards and land sharks. Not content to let the ungifted go about his life, they instead infected him with a plague, removed his vocal chords, and returned him to the grounds. While it is a good idea to weaken the opposition at little risk to yourself, it was largely a hollow attempt, as Bien, in his paranoaia, had replaced most of his livery with undead servitors.
Note on the sewers: Due to years of accumulated folklore, no Ungifted is willing to enter the sewers. Hell, most Gifted are more than a little wary of entering those tunnels. of course, we never talk about it, because it doesnt look good to be seen as agreeing with the superstitious peasantry, but we know that occasionally we lose control of things that are never seen above ground again.
So, the next evening, our protagonists entered the sewers near Bien’s tower. The first hour or so was largely uneventful, finding nothing more notable than a dead thief. Eventually, they came upon a large cess pool. Living in the particular cess pool, was an adolescent Draco Nobilus negrus , who was rather disgruntled at the intrusion, or possibly just hungry. Loktar and Luthion sent their minions in to harry it in the water, while Zalzis and Molokai engaged it in melee. One of the skeletons was able to keep it unbalanced, and Zalzis was able to score an excellent slash across its chest, putting it on a limited clock as it bled out. Molokai decided to speed it along to its fate by jumping on it and hacking away with that massive blade he keeps strapped to his back.
At the end of it, however, no one came out for the better. Molokai was rather bloodied, barely able to keep his feet, and possibly septic from wound suffered in a cess pool. Loktar and Luthion, while relatively unscathed themselves, lost quite a few servitors. And Zalzis, Zalzis nearly died face down in a pool of acid and excrement. In the end, they decided to regroup, taking the dragon’s bones and skin back to their safehouse. They traded the skin to an unlicensed alchemist, in return for healing services. the bones, Loktar kept for his own purposes. Loktar contacted his fellow clergy of Norgerber, in order to obtain an onyx gem, as part of his reanimation rites.
The next day, they returned to the sewers, to resume their search for Bien’s escape tunnel. (Note: what moron uses an escape tunnel with teleportation so common? I suppose the amount of trust it would require in another gifted to craft it for you if you yourself couldn’t might justify it, but still…) Eventually, they found his tunnel, after slogging through more shit than i ever could be comfortable with. They found yet another of Bien’s skeletal minions, who managed to use its entrails (note: disgusting) to strangle Molokai. With the rawbones engaged in that, they proceeded to just overwhelm it.
Afterwards, they worked their way up the tower, finding Bien in the middle of some sort of rite, pants down and hands on ankles. He never saw them coming. Unfortunately for them, one doesn’t reach his rank by being totally incapable, or at least well guarded. In the chamber with him was his new idea, a type of zombie that gorges itself on spells, regurgitating them at its victims, and his personal guard, two whimsical, yet macabre, Red Jesters. Molokai charged into battle, soaking up most of the spells from the zombies, and immediately put Bien on his toes. Zalzis rushed in behind him, landing a few good strokes on the necromancer. Loktar’s skeletons engaged the zombies, while Loktar himself tried to neutralize Bien’s spellcasting ability with Silence. Which worked, only a little to late for Zalzis, who had just succumbed to his death magics. Luthion and his summons were able to occupy the Red Jesters, mostly by being in their way. Molokai eventually managed to corner Bien, and put an end to his terminal incompetence. The real problem, was handling the jesters afterwards. They started laying about with their maces, which, upon striking, would force the victim into fits of uncontrollable laughter. The proceeded to flank Molokai, effectively neutralizing him. Luthion’s elementals and a summoned aurochs were eventually able to overcome the Red Jesters, while Loktar started scything through the zombies like a deadly juggernaut.
Afterwards, they recovered Zalzis’s corpse and fled the tunnels. Excellent idea, not leaving the body, no point in giving necromancers, who have excellent reason to be pissed at you, more ammunition. They then proceeded to find more underground priests who were able to return him to the ranks of the living. Loktar then performed some a rite to animate the dead, raising both the dragon and Bien into skeletal servants. (Will have to watch him).
It might be prudent to move them out of the city for the time being. The necromancers will likely be hunting for them, and they are too useful to give up at this early stage in the game.

Luthion's Report #1

It has become more than apparent that the power structure of Saren is failing. This past few days I have witnessed a peasant uprising that the mages not only get out of hand, the riots were allowed to make it all the way to the college and even claimed the lives of four of the college guards. He who cannot control the common folk has no business being in charge.

On a side note while at the “safe” house supplied to us from Francis my comrades and I were attacked by a draconic assassin. This creature I have discovered to be a Mokole, a primitive race from the isle of Ilstad. Most of these savages seem content in raging war with each other, why or how this one was sent to attack us remains unknown. While this assassin was able to slip in unnoticed and savagely wound Malakai, once we responded with force the Mokole fled for his life. I recommend we move from our less than safe house to a network of locations which would make it significantly harder for would be assassins to track us.

I shall send my informants to discover more about these Mokole that reside outside of Ilstad, and who may be behind this assassination attempt.

A letter to Magelord Sylvanti

To the most esteemed Magelord Francis Sylvanti,

In regards to the peace keeping mission you so lovingly sent us on, you will be pleased to know, if not out right shocked, that we have had unprecedented success without incident. It appears the “baby sitter” you sent along with us was not only a waste of resources but an out right insult to the merits we have accomplish thus far. I most heart fully apologize that I am unable to send this report in person but we have decided to further cultivate this budding alliance. Therefore, at this moment, we will be unable to run anymore of your inconsequential errands. Although, I am sure ANY of your underlings would be more than capable to handle any maddening tasks you cannot bear to live without. If you deem it absolutely necessary to get a hold of us in the mean time, you can always leave a message with one of the many escorts that you implore daily to grace your side, I assure you it will most surely reach us.

With utmost sincerity,
Luthion Il’victus Thalmian

Furthermore, I do apologize to the mess delivering this message will surly bring.

All must wait...

I am gifted, for as long as I could remember, with eyes that see well into all futures. I have used this gift to help shape the world, to guide the good hearts of the people, and to honor peace and tranquility. As a reward for my undying devotion and for the continuity my destiny, I have been reincarnated countless times; I have toppled villainy and evil throughout Corisande and Faroe Norden alike, I helped bond the peace between the giants of the North and the smallmen of the South, I have slain and binded monstrosities that would rival the most fearsome evil ever to step upon all planes and world. But, I shall always fear him…

I have seen our battle coming since the gifting of my vision, however, I have never, in all the lives I’ve lived, seen an outcome; neither death nor victory. Through careful planning and wizardry, I can change all manners of destiny, except for his…

I can do nothing but await his return, however long it may be.

All must be warned...

I’ve lived three lives since my last entry…

I have seen his shadow in my visions, I am certain he is returning…
Ten years… We have ten years, at the most, to prepare and face the most terrific darkness this plane shall ever see.

I have sent a warning to each of the nations; only a few have answered my call;

Altun Ha is home to far too many war-chiefs too busy to hear the mumblings of an old fool, however, one war-chief is wise enough to fear what even the shadow and death would tremble upon.

Freystadt, unknown to me, already knew of his return…that is a first in many ages. They shall be the light of hope in the coming darkness.

Ilstrad have sent nothing, their three kings sit behind the walls of Dwarven stone planning away with the genocide of the Mokole natives. The same kings shall be among the first to fall under his shadow…

Livadeia is far too focused on Blightmoor to ever heed my warnings…I shall pray for their safety.

Shizamu believes they are more than capable of handling one man or even an army for the matter. They are wealthy, I shall give them that, but you cannot slay evil with a coin. I have given them information on what must be done to prevent their fall. Though, I see no use in such action as I have already seen the fate of my plans burned to ashes. Shizamu shall never rise or burn as bright ever again…

Faroe Norden… Gracyela Hvenythyr, Thane of the Faroe Jarl, has assured me that the Jarl shall prepare all Faroese for war and that I shall have the Jarl’s undying servitude. They shall be the shield that will protect Corisande.
Though I have scry’d upon the Jarl as he read my warnings and laughed, much like the leaders of other nations that wield tremendous power… I must look in this…

All is lost

I failed in preventing the deaths of many individuals and key figures in my plans against the coming shadow… how did I!? I had followed every small detail, I saw the others follow what I had given to do, I have the gift of seeing the future and I saw the future unravel as they should have, in my favor…in everyone’s favor…yet, they all perished.

In an instant, destiny changed… The King of Freystadt ceased to exist, his followers know not whom he was, but he is still alive and I see him! One of my most trusted, the war-chief of Altun Ha died in my arms, a dear friend forever gone… I must find his children, I must see to their safety, though too many visions my eyes do follow and his children run too fast for me to catch…

I, now, see the death of the Faroe Jarl… this cant’ be, it’s happening just mere seconds pass the present and I am powerless to act. One more death shall follow me. Clearly I have not lost my gift, but I cannot act and it pains me!

No! The visions flow too fast… another destiny changed… the Jarl lives…he is dying… but he will live…how!? Who is this woman standing before this fallen giant that looks upon my vision as if she is watching me… I can..I can hear her voice… “I’m sorry I cannot save you from your pain.”, I hear as her lips move… Who are you…

I must save the king of Freystadt.. if the Jarl lives, there is still hope!

I see more visions now… Four Shadows under the Tyrant I fear most… How were they hidden before!?

I see a name… Fereydoun.

My visions return… I must prepare yet again.

Though little hope there is against this darkness… I still have the Light of Freystadt, the Shield of the Faroe Norden, and the magics of my own people. I will not bend the knee for as long as I can act!

I will not fall to hopelessness

I met a man… Fereydoun he calls himself. He hid himself from me as I hid myself from him, but we both were aware of each others presence.

He offered me help against these shadows I’ve been seeing in my visions. Of course I would accept any help that would change the outcome of the future for the greater good, but I am no fool and shall not trust his words until I’m given proof of his loyalty for our cause…

I have met with the current Gracyela Hvenythyr, thane of the Faroe Jarl. The Jarl is alive and well as I have foreseen. Though, he remembers nothing of the incident that nearly killed him.. or.. should have killed him. I described the woman I saw in my vision, but they returned me no answers. I must find her, she is strong, and will become a strong ally in my conquest for power to defeat this shadow I fear, if I play my cards right—I have foreseen this, yet I cannot find her, much like the children of my late friend…

The other magelords seem to be bickering amongst each other more frequently as of late, it annoys me… These fools do nothing to turn the coming war, I must rise higher than they if I have any hope of victory. I would rid myself of them, but they are too useful, atleast their power shall be…


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