Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

Letter from Warmagus Dannerung to Commander Dagny Opparel.

Im sure you meant for me to report in person, but frankly, I am tired and there is yet more work to be done. As to the events on Ilstrad, I am afraid I only have bad news, and worse news. At first I was successful in initial contact with a dwarven merchant willing to assist in helping me enter the tower, and even joined forces with some fellow sarenti looking to do the same. Taking the tower also proved quite doable, the primary obstacle always coming down to the dwarves’ infernal engineering (be it golems, dwarves with boomsticks, or the tower itself).

Here is where problems began to arise. When we finally crowned the tower, We found its draconic defenders (Draco Pyropus) lying broken, at the feet of an ancient Draco Argentum. Hard to credit such a sight, but then we noticed the silver dragons rider, and he us. I cannot speak with certainty what happened, but after wards I noticed telltale signs of Tempus Desino effectively having left us frozen in time while the duo left, along with our objective, the dwarven blast powder formulae. Leaving us with a broken tower, and a city now over run with all manner of outsiders.

Afterwards, we struck a deal with one of the surviving dragons. Help in escape from the tower, in return for vengeance for its own. After flying us down, he(she?) went to see how much of the city was beyond rescue, leaving us to our own devices, albeit with one final warning of “He has returned” (More on that in a moment.) At this point, the city was overrun, and we still needed to escape. (This is why I didnt return on a merchant ship, instead of the faroese dragonship. the dragonship was the last option for escape from the island) We didnt have enough teleportation magic at hand for us all to escape that way, So I and the Warrior Malakai opted to stay behind, and find our own way out. Reminded me of old times, beset on all sides by enemies without a scrap of mercy, and left with securing my own survival. And while blind beyond a fairly insignificant distance, Malakai is a skilled skirmisher (Later learned he is a gifted healer as well, a rare combination). Between the two of us, the few bone devils that got between us an the exit lasted no more than a few moments before being cut down and forgotten in the dirt.

After meeting with the rest of those who helped me break into the tower, alongside the faroese delegation, we decided to track the rider of the dragon to some ruins the earlier dragons had mentioned. After a few days of trekking through that blasted jungle, we did manage to find his location. After some initial difficulty getting in (a purple wurm, alongside other monster were defending it) we heard one side of a conversation, most likely conducting via sending, or clairaudience. Names were mentioned, and enough information was gleaned for some of our more historical minded members to become convinced this man (or dragon) was an agent of Karzak returned, and with the evidence laid before me, I am inclined to agree. Anyways, through whatever means, he realized we were near, and listening, and once again, used time stop to escape, along with a fireball and some other unidentified curse. I escped relatively unscathed, but everyone was affected in some way or another. Minor burns, and I realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but a few members came out of it…nicer? I mean, after a few days with these people, I was absolutely convinced of their sociopathy, and now, well, they seem to have a sense of civic responsibility, for lack of a better term.

And now we have returned to Corisande. Do what you will with this information, I dont need to tell you who does and does not need to hear this. I will joining my new comrades in doing what I can about these recent events. Oh, I can see the shock on your face now, yes, I am willing to undertake something like this on my own initiative. This is bigger than my own comfort, and a challenge I cannot ignore. Oh, one more thing, while I am quite busy, while you are in the city, if you care to meet for “business” I am amenable. Its been to long to spoil a face to face with talk of war.

Post script: As to the faroese, come at them circumspectly. Facing them head on is akin to headbutting a cliff, but they are a quite literal minded forward thinking bunch. Take your time, and wear at them, and dont do anything as stupid as a frontal assault.


Gamble_Kuma GrinningCoyote

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