Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

A letter to Warmagus Jonaiel Dannerung from Central Guard High Commander Dagny Opparel

I hear you are back from vacation, finally returning to Saren after all this time—and riding a sea dragon along with the enemy at that! I’m sure you have your reasons, though. I don’t however consider these “Faroese” to be enemies as they have not conducted any hostile actions against Saren except when defending their little encampment. I visited these encampments and the only enemy I’ve seen so far is the hotheadedness of youth and vengeance for a foolish fallen comrade that had succumb to that hotheadedness I was talking about.

I shall be in Lentil for a day or two, I expect a report on Ilstrad before I return to the Central Guard Headquarters and a report on these Northerners—we’d have an all out war with them already with heavier casualties on our side had Magelord Derrick not intervened on several occasions.

Dagny Opparel, High Commander of the Central Guard


Gamble_Kuma PPESI

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