Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

Treachery at the Council's Meet!
News Report

According to the Speakers, Archmage members of the Council are dead. A shocking event indeed; such prominent deaths is unheard of.

The Story:
The news of war at the border of Freystadt had barely just reached our public ears, but Archmage Helena Grigori and Archmage Berrigan Fontaine saw this as an opportunity to gain control of the council by murder of the Council members. The first casualty of the mages’ war is said to have been Archmage Alice Orelan—Lady Orelan was burned alive by Francis Sylvanti, an accomplice of the treacherous couple, but not before sending complex magical dreams of message sent to Archmage Percival Ballard and Archmage Derrick the Eyes. Sir Ballard is said to have taken drastic actions and led the investigation of the murder of Lady Alice. Sir Ballard discovered the treacherous couple just in time to save Archmage Lariman Forsythe, but they escaped through a greater teleportation spell. Sir Derrick, through the dreams, learned that not only are Archmages being targeted, but also potential candidates and mages of known power were also the targets of the opportunistic magelings. Sir Derrick arrived late at the magical duel of transmutation between Deryl Fontaine and Francis Sylvanti, but made it there just in time to witness Francis dimension door with tails between his legs from the battle.

20 more murders happened before the treacherous couple were discovered again. Sir Derrick witnessed the battle through divination, unable to discern the location of the final duel; it is believed that the duel was not in this plane. Sir Derrick’s account is as followed: “Four Archmages were there, the couple, the evoker, and the martyr and among them were loyal mages to each party. I have never seen such tremendous display of magickry, all manners of power made a show and flaunted their essence and gift. Such power they were and I was helpless to act. As lower mages died, I saw Sir Ballard’s mind break—I saw in his heart that he shall never again allow this to happen. He damned all Archmages, including myself and Sir Heydrich. After the deaths of Helena and Berrigan, Sir Ballard ordered the arrest of all other Archmages. He, Percival the master evoker, there and then, with his broken mind made the decision to abolish the Council of the Archmages. At that point, had I been in his shoes… I, too, would have made such decision. The deaths we both witnessed were too unbearable. I, however, did not realize just how far his mind had gone. The mages under his stead whom refused to follow his instructions were subjected to a magical storm of wind, ice, and lightning. It wasn’t long before only the two Archmages were left standing; Sir Heydrich, however refused to fight a friend. With his refusal to fight, Sir Ballard eventually came to his senses and cried as he saw his hands stained with the blood of mages he, once, protected. Such story, though, has no happy ending. Francis the Bastard made sure their deaths were final. They suffered a most grueling death—blood turned acid through transmutation magic.”

Sir Derrick refused to say more, however, the Speakers have announced the candidates considered for the now empty seats in the Council.

Candidates of Council:

Lady Eris Falreyn, master transmutationist hailing from the streets of Bakrat.

Sir Deryl Fontaine, son of Berrigan the Traitor, master transmutationist of the capital city.

Lady Gracyela Hvenythyr, master abjurationist—believe to have been born in Bakrat.

Lady Nardeen Olfrenson, master enchantress of unknown birth or origins.

Sir Dax Afein’alean, master abjurationist of Welveren—rumored to be part Drow.

Lord Dommic Barenstraz, master evoker and master tradesman of Lentil.

Sir Thomas Hollaine, master illusionist and current Keeper of Ancients.

Departed Heroes of the Secret War:

Master Archmage Jarrett Heydrich
Master Archmage Alice Orelan

Lady Elysa Heydrich
Sir Leonis Heydrich
Sir Herman Heydrich
Lady Evelia Heydrich
Lady Priscilla Orelan
Sir Phyliss Ptrynach
Sir Josph Hammerstone
Sir Cyris Quinn III
Sir Dillan Ravel
Sir Dommic Barenstraz Jr.
Sir Kristopher Villarreal
Lady Jasmin Valerio
Sir Thomas Wetzel
Sir Lasko Williamson
Lady Chalice Wiinter
Lady Tessa Hellfire
Sir Simon Norwood
Sir Graiger Nash
Sir Darrys Nelsman
Sir Pompeii Nickerson
Sir Noble Nadeau
Sir Nolmon Zamora

Francis Sylvati the Bastard
REWARD: Artifact from the Armory of Ancients

Luthion's Report on troubling times

So much to report on and so little time, we have the brutish farose, the foolish dwarfs and rumors of “shadows” returning.

The Farose from the north with their brute strength and immense size, occupying Saren land like it was their home. Nothing can deny their power, if they had the desire they could smash through the lines of our warmagus with little effort. Though they sit on this little plot of land in northern Saren, only defending never on the offence. They tell tales about sheep and wolf and they glorify the weak giving them a chance for greatness. This is their downfall, while they wait for us to show our strength we will crush them in one fell swoop, without mercy.

Regarding the dwarfs to the south, they lived in luxury behind their walls on the cliff and thought their guns could save them. It all came down to the mighty coin for them, much like the bureaucrats of Shizamu they believed they could buy their way out of harm. With half their city in ruins and demons running ravage in their street they will remember the price they paid for their frugality. And while we failed to obtain the recipe for their advanced gunpowder, I was able to get a rather sizable sample from the confiscated rifles and I have people working on recreating the mixture.

Beyond these two matters and far more pressing I fear is the rumors of Karzak returning. I witnessed in one fell swoop an alleged agent of Karzak overcame the dwarf’s defenses and left their city in ruin. And yet among all this chaos few people seem to be concerned. If the rumors are true and he is coming, it will take the full force of Saren to keep us all from dying. It appears all I can do now is force my way into a position of power and force the hands of these short sighted magelords.

Letter from Warmagus Dannerung to Commander Dagny Opparel.

Im sure you meant for me to report in person, but frankly, I am tired and there is yet more work to be done. As to the events on Ilstrad, I am afraid I only have bad news, and worse news. At first I was successful in initial contact with a dwarven merchant willing to assist in helping me enter the tower, and even joined forces with some fellow sarenti looking to do the same. Taking the tower also proved quite doable, the primary obstacle always coming down to the dwarves’ infernal engineering (be it golems, dwarves with boomsticks, or the tower itself).

Here is where problems began to arise. When we finally crowned the tower, We found its draconic defenders (Draco Pyropus) lying broken, at the feet of an ancient Draco Argentum. Hard to credit such a sight, but then we noticed the silver dragons rider, and he us. I cannot speak with certainty what happened, but after wards I noticed telltale signs of Tempus Desino effectively having left us frozen in time while the duo left, along with our objective, the dwarven blast powder formulae. Leaving us with a broken tower, and a city now over run with all manner of outsiders.

Afterwards, we struck a deal with one of the surviving dragons. Help in escape from the tower, in return for vengeance for its own. After flying us down, he(she?) went to see how much of the city was beyond rescue, leaving us to our own devices, albeit with one final warning of “He has returned” (More on that in a moment.) At this point, the city was overrun, and we still needed to escape. (This is why I didnt return on a merchant ship, instead of the faroese dragonship. the dragonship was the last option for escape from the island) We didnt have enough teleportation magic at hand for us all to escape that way, So I and the Warrior Malakai opted to stay behind, and find our own way out. Reminded me of old times, beset on all sides by enemies without a scrap of mercy, and left with securing my own survival. And while blind beyond a fairly insignificant distance, Malakai is a skilled skirmisher (Later learned he is a gifted healer as well, a rare combination). Between the two of us, the few bone devils that got between us an the exit lasted no more than a few moments before being cut down and forgotten in the dirt.

After meeting with the rest of those who helped me break into the tower, alongside the faroese delegation, we decided to track the rider of the dragon to some ruins the earlier dragons had mentioned. After a few days of trekking through that blasted jungle, we did manage to find his location. After some initial difficulty getting in (a purple wurm, alongside other monster were defending it) we heard one side of a conversation, most likely conducting via sending, or clairaudience. Names were mentioned, and enough information was gleaned for some of our more historical minded members to become convinced this man (or dragon) was an agent of Karzak returned, and with the evidence laid before me, I am inclined to agree. Anyways, through whatever means, he realized we were near, and listening, and once again, used time stop to escape, along with a fireball and some other unidentified curse. I escped relatively unscathed, but everyone was affected in some way or another. Minor burns, and I realize this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but a few members came out of it…nicer? I mean, after a few days with these people, I was absolutely convinced of their sociopathy, and now, well, they seem to have a sense of civic responsibility, for lack of a better term.

And now we have returned to Corisande. Do what you will with this information, I dont need to tell you who does and does not need to hear this. I will joining my new comrades in doing what I can about these recent events. Oh, I can see the shock on your face now, yes, I am willing to undertake something like this on my own initiative. This is bigger than my own comfort, and a challenge I cannot ignore. Oh, one more thing, while I am quite busy, while you are in the city, if you care to meet for “business” I am amenable. Its been to long to spoil a face to face with talk of war.

Post script: As to the faroese, come at them circumspectly. Facing them head on is akin to headbutting a cliff, but they are a quite literal minded forward thinking bunch. Take your time, and wear at them, and dont do anything as stupid as a frontal assault.

Journal of Njall Olfridn

Where was I? Yes… I do not trust this shaman, Derraek, not one bit of a sheep in the snow. I am told this shaman has a destiny that I would never understand until time has come for him, but that could apply to any man. Bah, I have no choice but to continue trusting My Lady until I need to take actions against him. I shall be wary of him, for now.

My more pressing matter is Jarl Baldrk. Thirty ships have sailed from Faroe Norden down to our current encampment in Sarren. What should have been an expedition to rebuild a bond between our two nations is turning out to be more an invasion rather than anything else. I wonder how the western expedition is faring…

A letter to Warmagus Jonaiel Dannerung from Central Guard High Commander Dagny Opparel

I hear you are back from vacation, finally returning to Saren after all this time—and riding a sea dragon along with the enemy at that! I’m sure you have your reasons, though. I don’t however consider these “Faroese” to be enemies as they have not conducted any hostile actions against Saren except when defending their little encampment. I visited these encampments and the only enemy I’ve seen so far is the hotheadedness of youth and vengeance for a foolish fallen comrade that had succumb to that hotheadedness I was talking about.

I shall be in Lentil for a day or two, I expect a report on Ilstrad before I return to the Central Guard Headquarters and a report on these Northerners—we’d have an all out war with them already with heavier casualties on our side had Magelord Derrick not intervened on several occasions.

Dagny Opparel, High Commander of the Central Guard

I have been gifted by the Heavens and it is my birthright to rule above all.

Hah! My plans worked like a charm. I knew I could trust dear old Malakai, I feel as though he and I have been friends for nearly a decade now—or was it ten days… Wait, there is something in that room they are looking at… a floating dead dragon-child? No, it’s in a mouth, it’s huge. Now…what spell could cause these Dwarven dragons, along with Malakai, to just stand there with eyes fixed on a spot—CHARM! OR DAZED, has to be Daze. If it were me though, I’d stop time and just kill them all while they stand there helpless. Oh, what’s this? A small movement on that liquidy portal… Something I can’t see just moved through it. Interesting.

I suppose I will have to meet with Malakai on that ship later to confirm a few things. Oh, doing so had just changed the visions… Now, what have we here on this ship, a woman… I recognize that emblem, not from this plane you are not! Where’s Malakai, why is he not on this ship…

Luthion! Stop hesitating and do what you think you must do, her death would mean nothing. At the very least I do not think so—perhaps a war with another plane—I should give him some pointers——another change of destiny? Visions are a bit out of hand today. Malakai, your friends watch as you and your Patron-God duels the same woman I have just seen, what is this vision telling me…

You’re no match for her, surely you will die unless I inter—— What is this sorcery I see before me… what is this gem that protects you…Ah, here I thought you were a friend of friends, yet you hide power from me… I will, indeed, meet you on that ship, friend…

Ah, these visions are a pain sometimes… more and more characters join your tribe, Malakai, one at a time, they change my visions. I have seen your death in some, yet death is not certain with you, nor Luthion—ah, Luthion, you are too evil to ever step upon my world. I admire your hunger for power, but that hunger will be a sin in the world I shall rule over—Magus Phaedra, the title does have a good ring to it—I must choose a new capital for Corisande, perhaps I shall place it in Blightmoor as a symbol of my triumph over this evil man that dare reclaim the world for his own…

Speaking of men.. Percival Ballard, you are the only one standing before me and my first throne in Saren. How should I dispose of you—a master of evocation, not an impressive feat for a mageling, but your subtlety has led you far; so far that I would even consider you as my first obstacle to true power. You have no secrets that I cannot see, yet your death is a hard one to accomplish—-I HATE THOSE BLASTED ELEMENTAL SPELLS.

I will conquer my fear and rise beyond what He is capable of doing...

Fools! Everywhere I turn, I see fools… The Dwarven Kings refuse to share their secret, even though I have told them the important role their weapons shall play in this game of war. I have even offered them more power under my rule as High Magelord, but noooooooooo, they want nothing of the sorts, I shall make an example of them when the time comes. Perhaps I should open several “gates” within their walls. I should remind my assistant the I shall need distractions for this to work—I should use Sylvanti’s newfound toys, they’ll atleast survive that tower; I can’t be losing too many good bodies for the war after all…

Oh yes! Fereydoun has proven himself quite a fellow. He’s done me more than anyone else has ever done for me! He found the portals I need to destroy to prevent an all out war—if I can prevent that, I shall be ensured victory. High Magelord seems too kingly… I need something more elegant, Magus Phaedra seems like a more fitting title—I’ll have to ask my assistant what she thinks, oh who am I kidding, I already knows she’ll agree.

Ooooooh a vision most interesting… Doris Gem-axe, you silly dwarf, you dare steal from me? You shall be the first, even among your kings, you shall fall first and fall the hardest, I shall make sure of it.

Oh yes, I must remember to keep the Sarenties and Faroese from killing each other, though, a few minor fights here and there could count as war-training. Alright, I shall limit it to a few deaths an hour—perhaps a day would mean more men alive…A few deaths a day it is.

A little reminder for myself, the King of Freystadt still does not “exist” and this entertains me so much. With darkness brewing in the horizon, a leader must find entertainment as best he can. I wonder if I shall ever free him from this trap, I am more capable of doing so now that I’ve found more power…but it seems like such a waste of entertainment—my assistant looks at me as if I’m seeing my imagination run wild… little does she know of what I see!

I will not fall to hopelessness

I met a man… Fereydoun he calls himself. He hid himself from me as I hid myself from him, but we both were aware of each others presence.

He offered me help against these shadows I’ve been seeing in my visions. Of course I would accept any help that would change the outcome of the future for the greater good, but I am no fool and shall not trust his words until I’m given proof of his loyalty for our cause…

I have met with the current Gracyela Hvenythyr, thane of the Faroe Jarl. The Jarl is alive and well as I have foreseen. Though, he remembers nothing of the incident that nearly killed him.. or.. should have killed him. I described the woman I saw in my vision, but they returned me no answers. I must find her, she is strong, and will become a strong ally in my conquest for power to defeat this shadow I fear, if I play my cards right—I have foreseen this, yet I cannot find her, much like the children of my late friend…

The other magelords seem to be bickering amongst each other more frequently as of late, it annoys me… These fools do nothing to turn the coming war, I must rise higher than they if I have any hope of victory. I would rid myself of them, but they are too useful, atleast their power shall be…

All is lost

I failed in preventing the deaths of many individuals and key figures in my plans against the coming shadow… how did I!? I had followed every small detail, I saw the others follow what I had given to do, I have the gift of seeing the future and I saw the future unravel as they should have, in my favor…in everyone’s favor…yet, they all perished.

In an instant, destiny changed… The King of Freystadt ceased to exist, his followers know not whom he was, but he is still alive and I see him! One of my most trusted, the war-chief of Altun Ha died in my arms, a dear friend forever gone… I must find his children, I must see to their safety, though too many visions my eyes do follow and his children run too fast for me to catch…

I, now, see the death of the Faroe Jarl… this cant’ be, it’s happening just mere seconds pass the present and I am powerless to act. One more death shall follow me. Clearly I have not lost my gift, but I cannot act and it pains me!

No! The visions flow too fast… another destiny changed… the Jarl lives…he is dying… but he will live…how!? Who is this woman standing before this fallen giant that looks upon my vision as if she is watching me… I can..I can hear her voice… “I’m sorry I cannot save you from your pain.”, I hear as her lips move… Who are you…

I must save the king of Freystadt.. if the Jarl lives, there is still hope!

I see more visions now… Four Shadows under the Tyrant I fear most… How were they hidden before!?

I see a name… Fereydoun.

My visions return… I must prepare yet again.

Though little hope there is against this darkness… I still have the Light of Freystadt, the Shield of the Faroe Norden, and the magics of my own people. I will not bend the knee for as long as I can act!

All must be warned...

I’ve lived three lives since my last entry…

I have seen his shadow in my visions, I am certain he is returning…
Ten years… We have ten years, at the most, to prepare and face the most terrific darkness this plane shall ever see.

I have sent a warning to each of the nations; only a few have answered my call;

Altun Ha is home to far too many war-chiefs too busy to hear the mumblings of an old fool, however, one war-chief is wise enough to fear what even the shadow and death would tremble upon.

Freystadt, unknown to me, already knew of his return…that is a first in many ages. They shall be the light of hope in the coming darkness.

Ilstrad have sent nothing, their three kings sit behind the walls of Dwarven stone planning away with the genocide of the Mokole natives. The same kings shall be among the first to fall under his shadow…

Livadeia is far too focused on Blightmoor to ever heed my warnings…I shall pray for their safety.

Shizamu believes they are more than capable of handling one man or even an army for the matter. They are wealthy, I shall give them that, but you cannot slay evil with a coin. I have given them information on what must be done to prevent their fall. Though, I see no use in such action as I have already seen the fate of my plans burned to ashes. Shizamu shall never rise or burn as bright ever again…

Faroe Norden… Gracyela Hvenythyr, Thane of the Faroe Jarl, has assured me that the Jarl shall prepare all Faroese for war and that I shall have the Jarl’s undying servitude. They shall be the shield that will protect Corisande.
Though I have scry’d upon the Jarl as he read my warnings and laughed, much like the leaders of other nations that wield tremendous power… I must look in this…


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