Gracyela Hvenythyr

The Witch of Hvass Surtr/The Guardian of the Ice Mountain.
Thane of All Faroe Jarl.

Gracyela Hvenythyr is the name of one of the First Jarls that fought in The War of Axe and Beast and established the nation of Vifvaenn. Currently it is a name-title given to all Faroe Jarl Thanes.

It is also the name of a character in a popular old story about the witch that protects the First of the First Jarls as he slumbers.

Gracyela Hvenythyr is rumored to be the First Jarl that compared Vifvaenn/Faroe Norden to a beautiful lady which gave birth to the name of the nation, Vifvaenn.

During The War of Names, the Gracyela Hvenythyr of the time is said to have actively refused to participate in the war, believing there was no purpose in defending a name. This angered the Jarl of Vifvaenn, Adek Olfridhel, that declared war on his own thane leading to his own defeat and the end of the Vifvaenn name—though, most Faroese still use Vifvaenn in place of Faroe Norden and vice versa.

Gracyela Hvenythyr

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