Faroe Norden

“There is an old story all true Faroese know. A story that could end an argument or a story that could begin a war. The story of the Faroe and of the Hrolleif. They are the sheep and the wolf in your common tongue.

Long ago, adventurers from Hrolfsud, the continent you call Corisande, visited our white island. I say “visited”, but truthfully they bested our Guardians and proved to be a match for our fleet. They were strong and proved worthy of an audience with Jarl Brynjar the Axe. With them, they brought Hrolleif, old wolf, to impress the Jarl with such vicious creatures. The Jarl was indeed impressed, but not by its viciousness or size, he was impressed with Hrolleif’s skill in hunting. The wolf was cautious when it follows its prey and precise when it kills, much like the people of your continent, and so your land was named Hrolfsud, the wolf of the South.

Along with the Hrolleif came the Faroe, sheep brought over not long after the first colonies from your wolf lands; weakest creatures our ancestors have ever set theirs eyes upon. In a land terrifically full of ice and storm, ferocious beasts of snow, and rare vegetation for the weak sheep to feed upon, they had no chance of surviving Vifvaenn, former name of Faroe Norden. As you can see, we have taken the name of the Faroe and perhaps you wonder why that may be.

In Faroe Norden, the Hrolleif died out hundreds of years before we took the Faroe name. The wolf never saw the sheep become one of the most ruthless beast Vifvaenn or Faroe Norden had ever seen.

We named our land for the similarity our white snow has with the white fur of the Faroe and for the strength it possessed to survive. The Faroe earned the respect of both man and beast in our ice lands.

Now, what does this story have to do with ending an argument or starting a war?

An argument is useless until either side has proven its worth like the sheep.
And a war may start when either side does not wish to disappear like the wolf."

- Njall Olfridn, travelling storyteller and historian of Faroe Norden

Faroe Norden is a large island North of Corisande. The surrounding waters are full of smaller islands and ice that serve as a natural barrier for those wishing to reach Faroese ports. Near the center of the island is an ice volcano, Hvass Surtr; legend has it that inside sleeps the First of the First Jarls, Jarl Halvor Donderhamarr. At the base of the ice volcano is the home of the Faroe Jarl, the Jarl that governs all of Faroe Norden; the city of Hvass Surtrlnd.

To become Jarl of a city or town, one must first have the approval of nearly half of the town or city’s population and state the changes they wish to enact, for better or for worse. Secondly, they must face the current Jarl in single-combat to prove their strength. Each Jarl candidates will have ten Second Jarls ranked from one through ten in case both Jarl candidates die in battle; each Second Jarls will then face each other in single combat according to their rank and this shall continue until a single victor has proven their strength in battle. If no Jarl or Second Jarl survives, then the people may, without resulting into combat, vote for the next Jarl or the Faroe Jarl may assign a Jarl of his choosing or whim, however, the Faroe Jarl must have the approval of Hvass Surtr’s population.

A Jarl has two years to gain the approval of his people before another Faroese may challenge him for the position of Jarl. A Faroe Jarl has four years before he can be challenged.

In war, Faroese show no mercy, but in single combat, the highest attribute a Faroese may achieve is to give mercy to his defeated foe so that his foe may some day prove the strength that they possess. This is a symbolism of the Faroe and its chance to prove itself.

Natives of Faroe Norden receive a natural cold resistance of 5 and unlike normal energy resistances 2 points of this stack with any magical resistance.

Faroe Norden

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