Classes in Saren

A general overview on how different classes in Saren are seen.

most of the more martial classes that are native to Saren are generally of the Soldier Caste, basically slaves to the battlemagi. Warriors from other countries are not commonly seen in Saren, but are closely watched in case the local soldiers get unruly.

The rulers of Saren. Even the poorest wizard has better living conditions than your average worker. Wizards are afforded rights the normal citizens are not.

Sorcerer, Summoner
Sorcerers and summoners are given the same rights and privileges as wizards, but the older magelords do not quite like it. Since the wizards see themselves as having mastered the arcane arts through skill, will, and power, the inborn and unpracticed mastery of magic upsets them.

Due to their similarity, magi hold equal respect with Wizards. Though, where Wizards generally take the day to day rule of the country, or have positions in the academae, Magi are given charge of the Warrior Servant caste.

Generally seen as backwoods and provincial, and as such are rarely seen in Lentil, mostly sticking to the outskirts of the country. Powerful witches are still accorded every respect by the mages, and any witch is still feared by the peasants. However, in the rural areas, a good witch can become beloved for her healing skills.

More so than any other non-magical class, Rogues are able to carve their own niche in the society of Saren. Not heavily controlled like the warriors, they are free to work their own agendas, as long as they dont cross the mageocracy’s.

In a city who officially has outlawed the open worship of gods, Bards, like witches, are valued for their healing abilities. Coupled with their entertainment and spying value, bards are easily accepted in the Mage society, especially in the more urban areas. Bards are one of the few, if not only class that is openly accepted by both the Magocracy and citizenry.

Alchemist fill a lonely niche in Saren. The Magocracy generally veiws them as upstart pretenders to magic. The lower castes share this opinion, and distrust them for different purposes. This has forced the alchemist into a tight group, who are to a person, extremely pragmatic. They will generally do anything, for the right price.

There are no openly recognized monasteries in Saren, but that is not to say there are no monks. Rumor has it that there are schools, hidden in out of the way crevices, that train warriors who try to curb the excesses of the Magocracy. Any such monasteries are usually put down hard, if they are unlucky enough to be found.

Religion was officially outlawed in saren 500 years ago. Any religions that remained are forced underground. Those that are still around aren’t actually fooling the magocracy, but as long as they remain low key and don’t foment unrest, the Arch Council is content to let them stay.

Practically unheard of inside Saren. Druids werent forced out, like the other divine classes, but were never present in great numbers in the first place. Given the sparseness of forests, most of the few druids you might find are sea druids to be found on the coast, and the occasional cave druids found in the chasms.

Classes in Saren

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