Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

Treachery at the Council's Meet!

News Report

According to the Speakers, Archmage members of the Council are dead. A shocking event indeed; such prominent deaths is unheard of.

The Story:
The news of war at the border of Freystadt had barely just reached our public ears, but Archmage Helena Grigori and Archmage Berrigan Fontaine saw this as an opportunity to gain control of the council by murder of the Council members. The first casualty of the mages’ war is said to have been Archmage Alice Orelan—Lady Orelan was burned alive by Francis Sylvanti, an accomplice of the treacherous couple, but not before sending complex magical dreams of message sent to Archmage Percival Ballard and Archmage Derrick the Eyes. Sir Ballard is said to have taken drastic actions and led the investigation of the murder of Lady Alice. Sir Ballard discovered the treacherous couple just in time to save Archmage Lariman Forsythe, but they escaped through a greater teleportation spell. Sir Derrick, through the dreams, learned that not only are Archmages being targeted, but also potential candidates and mages of known power were also the targets of the opportunistic magelings. Sir Derrick arrived late at the magical duel of transmutation between Deryl Fontaine and Francis Sylvanti, but made it there just in time to witness Francis dimension door with tails between his legs from the battle.

20 more murders happened before the treacherous couple were discovered again. Sir Derrick witnessed the battle through divination, unable to discern the location of the final duel; it is believed that the duel was not in this plane. Sir Derrick’s account is as followed: “Four Archmages were there, the couple, the evoker, and the martyr and among them were loyal mages to each party. I have never seen such tremendous display of magickry, all manners of power made a show and flaunted their essence and gift. Such power they were and I was helpless to act. As lower mages died, I saw Sir Ballard’s mind break—I saw in his heart that he shall never again allow this to happen. He damned all Archmages, including myself and Sir Heydrich. After the deaths of Helena and Berrigan, Sir Ballard ordered the arrest of all other Archmages. He, Percival the master evoker, there and then, with his broken mind made the decision to abolish the Council of the Archmages. At that point, had I been in his shoes… I, too, would have made such decision. The deaths we both witnessed were too unbearable. I, however, did not realize just how far his mind had gone. The mages under his stead whom refused to follow his instructions were subjected to a magical storm of wind, ice, and lightning. It wasn’t long before only the two Archmages were left standing; Sir Heydrich, however refused to fight a friend. With his refusal to fight, Sir Ballard eventually came to his senses and cried as he saw his hands stained with the blood of mages he, once, protected. Such story, though, has no happy ending. Francis the Bastard made sure their deaths were final. They suffered a most grueling death—blood turned acid through transmutation magic.”

Sir Derrick refused to say more, however, the Speakers have announced the candidates considered for the now empty seats in the Council.

Candidates of Council:

Lady Eris Falreyn, master transmutationist hailing from the streets of Bakrat.

Sir Deryl Fontaine, son of Berrigan the Traitor, master transmutationist of the capital city.

Lady Gracyela Hvenythyr, master abjurationist—believe to have been born in Bakrat.

Lady Nardeen Olfrenson, master enchantress of unknown birth or origins.

Sir Dax Afein’alean, master abjurationist of Welveren—rumored to be part Drow.

Lord Dommic Barenstraz, master evoker and master tradesman of Lentil.

Sir Thomas Hollaine, master illusionist and current Keeper of Ancients.

Departed Heroes of the Secret War:

Master Archmage Jarrett Heydrich
Master Archmage Alice Orelan

Lady Elysa Heydrich
Sir Leonis Heydrich
Sir Herman Heydrich
Lady Evelia Heydrich
Lady Priscilla Orelan
Sir Phyliss Ptrynach
Sir Josph Hammerstone
Sir Cyris Quinn III
Sir Dillan Ravel
Sir Dommic Barenstraz Jr.
Sir Kristopher Villarreal
Lady Jasmin Valerio
Sir Thomas Wetzel
Sir Lasko Williamson
Lady Chalice Wiinter
Lady Tessa Hellfire
Sir Simon Norwood
Sir Graiger Nash
Sir Darrys Nelsman
Sir Pompeii Nickerson
Sir Noble Nadeau
Sir Nolmon Zamora

Francis Sylvati the Bastard
REWARD: Artifact from the Armory of Ancients


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