Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

Luthion's Report on troubling times

So much to report on and so little time, we have the brutish farose, the foolish dwarfs and rumors of “shadows” returning.

The Farose from the north with their brute strength and immense size, occupying Saren land like it was their home. Nothing can deny their power, if they had the desire they could smash through the lines of our warmagus with little effort. Though they sit on this little plot of land in northern Saren, only defending never on the offence. They tell tales about sheep and wolf and they glorify the weak giving them a chance for greatness. This is their downfall, while they wait for us to show our strength we will crush them in one fell swoop, without mercy.

Regarding the dwarfs to the south, they lived in luxury behind their walls on the cliff and thought their guns could save them. It all came down to the mighty coin for them, much like the bureaucrats of Shizamu they believed they could buy their way out of harm. With half their city in ruins and demons running ravage in their street they will remember the price they paid for their frugality. And while we failed to obtain the recipe for their advanced gunpowder, I was able to get a rather sizable sample from the confiscated rifles and I have people working on recreating the mixture.

Beyond these two matters and far more pressing I fear is the rumors of Karzak returning. I witnessed in one fell swoop an alleged agent of Karzak overcame the dwarf’s defenses and left their city in ruin. And yet among all this chaos few people seem to be concerned. If the rumors are true and he is coming, it will take the full force of Saren to keep us all from dying. It appears all I can do now is force my way into a position of power and force the hands of these short sighted magelords.


Gamble_Kuma CyrusFey

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