Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

Journal of Njall Olfridn

Where was I? Yes… I do not trust this shaman, Derraek, not one bit of a sheep in the snow. I am told this shaman has a destiny that I would never understand until time has come for him, but that could apply to any man. Bah, I have no choice but to continue trusting My Lady until I need to take actions against him. I shall be wary of him, for now.

My more pressing matter is Jarl Baldrk. Thirty ships have sailed from Faroe Norden down to our current encampment in Sarren. What should have been an expedition to rebuild a bond between our two nations is turning out to be more an invasion rather than anything else. I wonder how the western expedition is faring…


Gamble_Kuma PPESI

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