Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

I will conquer my fear and rise beyond what He is capable of doing...

Fools! Everywhere I turn, I see fools… The Dwarven Kings refuse to share their secret, even though I have told them the important role their weapons shall play in this game of war. I have even offered them more power under my rule as High Magelord, but noooooooooo, they want nothing of the sorts, I shall make an example of them when the time comes. Perhaps I should open several “gates” within their walls. I should remind my assistant the I shall need distractions for this to work—I should use Sylvanti’s newfound toys, they’ll atleast survive that tower; I can’t be losing too many good bodies for the war after all…

Oh yes! Fereydoun has proven himself quite a fellow. He’s done me more than anyone else has ever done for me! He found the portals I need to destroy to prevent an all out war—if I can prevent that, I shall be ensured victory. High Magelord seems too kingly… I need something more elegant, Magus Phaedra seems like a more fitting title—I’ll have to ask my assistant what she thinks, oh who am I kidding, I already knows she’ll agree.

Ooooooh a vision most interesting… Doris Gem-axe, you silly dwarf, you dare steal from me? You shall be the first, even among your kings, you shall fall first and fall the hardest, I shall make sure of it.

Oh yes, I must remember to keep the Sarenties and Faroese from killing each other, though, a few minor fights here and there could count as war-training. Alright, I shall limit it to a few deaths an hour—perhaps a day would mean more men alive…A few deaths a day it is.

A little reminder for myself, the King of Freystadt still does not “exist” and this entertains me so much. With darkness brewing in the horizon, a leader must find entertainment as best he can. I wonder if I shall ever free him from this trap, I am more capable of doing so now that I’ve found more power…but it seems like such a waste of entertainment—my assistant looks at me as if I’m seeing my imagination run wild… little does she know of what I see!


Gamble_Kuma PPESI

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