Rival Nations: The Fall of Gods

All is lost

I failed in preventing the deaths of many individuals and key figures in my plans against the coming shadow… how did I!? I had followed every small detail, I saw the others follow what I had given to do, I have the gift of seeing the future and I saw the future unravel as they should have, in my favor…in everyone’s favor…yet, they all perished.

In an instant, destiny changed… The King of Freystadt ceased to exist, his followers know not whom he was, but he is still alive and I see him! One of my most trusted, the war-chief of Altun Ha died in my arms, a dear friend forever gone… I must find his children, I must see to their safety, though too many visions my eyes do follow and his children run too fast for me to catch…

I, now, see the death of the Faroe Jarl… this cant’ be, it’s happening just mere seconds pass the present and I am powerless to act. One more death shall follow me. Clearly I have not lost my gift, but I cannot act and it pains me!

No! The visions flow too fast… another destiny changed… the Jarl lives…he is dying… but he will live…how!? Who is this woman standing before this fallen giant that looks upon my vision as if she is watching me… I can..I can hear her voice… “I’m sorry I cannot save you from your pain.”, I hear as her lips move… Who are you…

I must save the king of Freystadt.. if the Jarl lives, there is still hope!

I see more visions now… Four Shadows under the Tyrant I fear most… How were they hidden before!?

I see a name… Fereydoun.

My visions return… I must prepare yet again.

Though little hope there is against this darkness… I still have the Light of Freystadt, the Shield of the Faroe Norden, and the magics of my own people. I will not bend the knee for as long as I can act!


Gamble_Kuma PPESI

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